A Quick Look at the Campaign Slogan for New Zealand’s Labour Party

On July 3rd, 2020, Jacinda Ardern released an Instagram video announcing the New Zealand Labour Party’s new slogan for the upcoming election. You can watch the 75-second video below:


“… we restarted economy and are in a position to bounce back”

“We can’t afford to put the brakes on the momentum we’ve got”

It’s shouldn’t be a surprise that an incumbent party uses language that revolves around continuity, momentum, and progress. Especially with a party whose years in the driver’s seat have been as productive as the Labour Party’s. Highlighting the need to continue the work that’s been done is an important part of the puzzle for re-election: if you’ve been improving the lives of your constituents already, you want to show that, and remind them that you have more in store.

“This is is a slogan and a campaign about each and every one of us and what we’re doing together as a team”

“There are still enormous challenges ahead and we need the same unity and same determination”

“We need to put people at the centre of our recovery”

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